Friday, September 18, 2015

bad daddy's bad ass burger

happy national cheeseburger day, guys! since september 18th only comes once a year, you might as well do it up big today. and the biggest, baddest cheeseburger in greenville has to (and can only) be found at bad daddy's burger bar. originally from charlotte, nc, bad daddy's opened up shop in greenville not too long ago and brought with them a whole menu of crazy burgers. but the king has to be the bad ass burger: 10 ounces of beef, housemade american cheese, horseradish mayo, and to cap it all off, four massive pieces of buttermilk fried bacon. yes, you read that correctly. fried bacon. 

after seeing the bad ass burger on the menu for so long, i finally went ahead and got one for myself. upon arriving at my table, no less than three people walked by and commended me for my brave challenge. i couldn't even fit the whole thing in my mouth to take a bite, there was that much bacon on it! and i ended up attacking it with a fork and knife. you'd think that all of the fried bacon would be over powering or just too rich to get through, but the horseradish mayo really shined and kept things from getting too heavy. combine that with the delicious slab of melted cheddar (and pickles, my favorite), and it's a flavor profile you just have to experience for yourself. my only regret was that my stomach was not nearly as big as the burger. i barely made it through half before i had to ask for a box, so i'd recommend grabbing a friend and a few beers and celebrating over happy hour. tis the season after all!

bad daddys burger bar
1025 woodruff rd, greenville, sc 29607

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