Monday, August 10, 2015

wolf hills brewing co.

if you ever find yourself in abingdon, virginia, you definitely have to stop by wolf hills brewing co. southwestern virginia is actually only 3 hours away from greenville, just a short stretch past asheville. who knew? not me, and i'm a native virginian! the drive up is absolutely gorgeous too, and the mountains get a little bigger once you're into tenneessee. i'd love to drive around up there once the leaves change...anyways, the brewery is a super cool spot right along the creeper trail (a bike trail sort of like the swamp rabbit here) in an old house right by the train tracks. i know trains go everywhere, but they always remind me of virginia for some reason, and we saw at least 3 go by while we were there. inside, there are christmas lights covering the entire ceiling, a stage for bands to play on, and every piece of wolf memorabilia they could get their hands on. if you have seen a picture of my dog houdini, you will understand why i loved this place - it's just kitsch enough to make you giggle and buy a wolf t-shirt. they also have a lot of fun games like bumper pool, which i did not know existed, and giant jenga. the staff is really friendly, and oh yeah, the beer is good too! i liked the hefeweizen and the honey cream ale, but i'd love to go back and do a flight to try a few more. they honey cream ale uses four pounds per barrel of pure appalachian honey, and the sip i had of the banana but bread was spot on too. they keep 12 beers on tap, and you can find their cans around virginia too. have you ever been to southwestern virginia? that was actually only my third time going ever. i'd love to know what else is good there!

wolf hills brewing co.
350 park street, southeast, abingdon, va 24210


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