Monday, August 3, 2015

competition dining series comes to greenville

everyone knows that greenville has great food, but living in a smaller city, we have fewer pop ups and tasting menus than some of our larger neighbors. that’s all about to change though because Competition Dining Series is kicking off tonight at Larkin’s Sawmill. if you’ve always dreamed of a greenville version of chopped, this is something you’ll definitely want to check out. 

the series is a single-elimination tournament with a goal of highlighting the best regional food and culinary talent. 14 chefs from around north and south carolina will be gathering in greenville over the new few weeks to compete against each other. each night, two chef teams will battle it out over three courses, and the morning of each competition, a surprise local ingredient will be revealed. chefs are not allowed to cook anything from their menu or any of their signature dishes in order to protect the anonymity of the competitors. chefs can only use ingredients from the competition’s mobile pantry, and they are encouraged to use as many local ingredients as possible. also, chefs are not restricted to the traditional appetizer, entree, dessert format and can create whatever courses they feel best showcase the ingredient. attendees will savor a full-service, six-course meal, without knowing which chef prepared which dishes, and will then rate them all through an app on their phone. judges are made up of “pros” and “joes,” so unlike TV, your opinion counts, and it counts for a lot — 70% of scoring in fact.

the series will take place from august 3rd through september 7th. tickets range from $55 to $75 each, and can be purchased up until the day before a battle. get yours here and check out the first round of chef match ups below to see if your favorite restaurant is competing.

august 3rd: anne v. young of the starving artist cafĂ© in easley, versus damion norton of professional catering in greenville

august 4th: jennifer barone of stellar restaurant & wine bar in greenville, versus ryan kline of buffalo nickel in asheville

august 10th: blake hartwick of bonterra dining & wine room in charlotte, versus francis turck of the cliffs at keowee vineyards in salem

august 11th: charlie brown of local cue in greenville, versus eden roorda of onefiftyone boutique bar & kitchen at hotel indigo in asheville

august 17th: todd warden of the cliffs valley in greenville, versus nohe weir-villatoro of king james public house in asheville

august 18th: samuel murry of 21 east in greenville, versus teryi youngblood of passerelle bistro in greenville

august 19th: bo wilder of henry’s smokehouse in greenville, versus august 3rd winner

august 24th: edward a. wallace of adventures in taste in easley, versus august 11th winner

larkins sawmill 
22 graves drive, greenville, sc 29609

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