Wednesday, August 19, 2015

competition dining series | 02

the premilinary round of the greenville competition dining series has wrapped up, and i am really excited to tell you that i will be a media judge at one of the quarterfinal battles taking place next week. i would love it if you would join me on august 26th at larkins sawmill to try some off-the-menu food from two great local chefs. remember, audience votes count for 70% of the scoring, so your vote has a lot of sway. chef teryi youngblood of passerelle bistro will be competing against cheff todd warden of the cliffs valley, and if that isn’t enticing enough already, check out what they made for the last round:

chef youngblood: battle pepper steak 
secret ingredients: tega hills farm certified angus beef and pennell barn peppers

course 1 – pennell barn bell peppers stuffed with certified angus beef brand sirloin flap rillete, warm potato salad & tega hills farm pepper jelly

course 2 – seared certified angus beef brand sirloin flap, pepper-corn-cauliflower succotash, black garlic demi, pennell barn bell pepper confetti

course 3 – white peach - pepper sorbet, fresh berry-jalapeƱo salsa, pennell barn sweet pepper cornmeal beignet, “salt & pepper” caramel

chef warden: battle pork belly, heirloom tomatoes and sorghum syrup molasses
secret ingredients: heritage farms cheshire pork, pennell barn tomatoes, harrell hill farms sorghum

course 1 – southern BLT: pennell barn jalapeno cornbread, harrell hill farm sorghum candied benton's bacon, pennell barn heirloom tomatoes, smoked corn aioli, aged balsamic, rocket arugula

course 2 – harrell hill farm sorghum glazed heritage farms cheshire pork belly, shanghai candied shiitakes, ginger tomato jam, coldwater creek grits, shaved green onion, red cabbage slaw, sorghum demi-glaze

course 3 – sweet basil genoise sponge, tomato mousse, heritage farms cheshire pork belly cracklin’s, bourbon sorghum syrup

get tickets to next wednesday’s dinner here, and learn more about competition dining's secret ingredients and involvement with regional farmers and chefs here. if you end up getting tickets, leave a comment or tweet at me (@suzannah_howell)!

images via competition dining

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