Thursday, August 6, 2015

chattanooga, tn

last week, life took me on an impromptu trip to chattanooga, tenneesee. since i hadn’t been planning the trip (or the destination for that matter), i had no idea what to expect. i had heard that chattanooga was a little bit like greenville on steroids — a bike friendly city on a river with a vibrant downtown. while i didn’t have time to check out nearly as much as would i have liked (like inside the art museum for example), here’s what i recommend hitting up if you are ever passing through the area:

this museum is so cool from the outside. it’s composed of two buildings: a very traditional colonial mansion and very modern building that’s reminiscent of frank gehry. the buildings are perched high upon a cliff that over looks down into the river. it is absolutely gorgeous. we took a stroll here around sunset, and i would recommend this view over lookout mountain (right photo in the header) because that area can get a little touristy with the incline railway, although there are some very beautiful old houses up there. case in point: we saw someone being proposed to here, it’s that nice. (and yes, we hid in the bushes and cheered when she said yes.)

walnut street bridge
there also two bridges right by the museum. one is a glass foot bridge that will make your stomach do a somersault and back flip when you look down. the bridge is split into three sections: opaque, metal and clear. and when you look down through the clear one, you are right on top of several lanes of traffic. it had me running across to the other side. walnut street bridge is a beautiful old structure that spans the river. it was full of people running, going on dates, etc.

hit up milk & honey for breakfast. it’s across the river, and the most charming place. it is covered in black and white penny tile and has yellow bar stools…even outside! the inside is covered in a cool chalk board, and i highly recommend the breakfast sandwich and iced chai. i wish we had had time to explore this part of town a little more because i saw a few other cute restaurants and shops that looke worth investigating.

if you love brunch, maple street biscuit company was made for you. their bottomless coffee is spot on (they even have maple simple syrup for the iced coffee!) and the hash browns were to die for — think big, salty chunks of ham. when you place your order, you have to give them the name of your childhood best friend, which seasons your food with a dash of nostalgia. this is some heavy southern food, so while they have vegetarian options, there’s no fruit on side, and you better like sausage gravy.

don’t the name fool you, public house is not your typical bar. public house is like someone invited you to dinner on their tennessee veranda with all of the beautiful natural light pouring into the place. the menu features fresh meat/fish and seasonal veggies with a southern twist (get the squash casserole as a side) and some awesome cocktails, with everything from absinthe to gin and something called the zombie, which you’re only allowed to order two of.


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