Monday, July 20, 2015

diy tic tac toe board

now that we’ve had the terminix treatment for a few months, i can tell you that it really has made a huge difference for us this summer. the treatment has opened up a whole new part of our home that we weren’t able to enjoy last year, and it’s even held up to all of the summer thunderstorms we’ve been having lately. despite the downpours, no bugs have reappeared! i usually spend the cooler part of saturday mornings on the front porch with a cup of coffee and a book, and at night when it cools down, justin has been firing up the grill and cooking everything from chicken thighs (our current favorite) to peaches. 

a few years ago, i saw a checkers game at a winery in virginia and thought that was such a cute addition to their patio. and, since you have to wait a little while to get the charcoal on the grill hot, i thought making a board game to pass the time would be fun. the measurements for a checkerboard didn’t quite work with the birch round pieces i was using, so i decided on tic tac toe instead. and it’s funny how something so simple can really bring out your competitive streak. one game usually turns into the best out of three…or five. read on to make your own rustic board game below:

here’s what you’ll need:
wood slab
birch rounds
paint brushes
3 paints of your choice
paint pen

i found everything at michael’s, but if you need additional rounds or boards or maybe a different type of wood, i would check etsy. first, paint your grid onto the wood slab. i didn’t worry about my lines being perfectly straight and drew mine freehand to make it more playful. if you’re a perfectionist, you might want to dig up a ruler.

next, paint your birch rounds. you'll only need 10 pieces, five for each color, but i went ahead and painted them all for two sets.

once your rounds are dry, use the paint pen to mark an ‘x’ and an ‘o’ on every piece, that way players can choose their colors (i tried doing this with the white paint and a brush at first, but preferred the fine tip of the paint pen.)

wait for everything to dry, then find an opponent!

this board is so easy to put together. i feel like it would make a great hostess gift with a bottle of wine if someone you know is throwing a summer dinner party, or it would be a cute craft to make with kids. do you have a favorite game for the summer – cornhole, cards? i’d love to hear! and for more summer entertaining tips courtesy of terminix, click here

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