Wednesday, July 29, 2015

craft exchange

my bff janine and i used to be craft buddies in college, but now that we live in different states, we don't get to DIY together as much as we used to. we both love getting snail mail, so we decided to do a craft exchange once a month. we both pick one project to make and create two versions, one to keep and one to send off. then, we mail them to each other with some cute stationery. it's a really fun way to stay inspired and actually holds you accountable to work your way through all those pinterest projects you've been saving. so far, we haven't both picked the same craft, but it's something we joke about every month...and probably inevitable. to us, a great craft is easy (no tears or stress) and beautiful. here's a round up of some of the our favorite projects we've made so far:

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