Tuesday, June 2, 2015

weekend edition: asheville

asheville makes for a great weekend get away because there's such a variety of different things to do. you can see some of our past trips here, and you can check out the rest of the romantic weekend justin had planned for my birthday after the jump.

our first stop was the biltmore. we took a (self-guided) tour of the house and even got to see the exhibit with the downton abbey costumes since it was free. then, we strolled around the grounds for a while. we missed the tulips, but the azalea garden was in full bloom. and if you go now, i believe the rose garden will be at its peak. i also really loved seeing all of the orchids and succulents in the green house.

after that, we went back to the car to drive over to antler hill village. on the way, we stopped and had a picnic lunch with views of the horse trails before our wine tasting. there were also a ton of baby goats at the farm section :)

for dinner, we went to rezaz and had a five-course meal at the chef's table, which was probably the best meal i've ever eaten! check out all of the details from that experience here.

finally, we made a stop by vortex doughnuts the next morning before heading back to greenville. this place was super cute and had great coffee. the doughnuts were a little lackluster in my opinion (circa really brings the flavor) but they had a ton of vegan options, if that's your thing. i think vortex is probably more of an afternoon coffee + snack stop than a breakfast destination.

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