Friday, June 19, 2015

the girl from carolina

first there was trailer park boys, then there was east bound and down, and now there's the girl from carolina. irreverent but charming, the girl from carolina focuses on the misadvertures of ferarri thunderbird taylor (actress breanna foister) and her crazy cast of friends. but just as interesting as the group on screen are the friends behind the lens who made this whole story come to life.

well dang! productions is a group of four friends – lindsay, alex, joe and breanna – who started making creative projects together as childhood neighbors and classmates. they stayed in touch as they got older, and performing together became a creative outlet to fill the time between meals during the holidays. in fact, the girl from carolina began as a short film that was brain stormed on a napkin and shot over just a few short days in december 2011. after gaining some traction at national film festivals, the friends decided to revisit the story and expand upon it. so they, reshot the original short as pilot and added 9 more episodes.

despite moving across the country to new york and los angeles, the project has helped the friends stay united and celebrate the one place that connects them all.  in fact, greenville features as prominently as any of the characters (you’ll recognize the albino skunk festival grounds, tanner’s big orange, substation II, and independent public ale house in season one), but the series is relatable even if you're not from the upstate. alex told me "this is the first thing we’ve made that embraces the landscape, acknowledges this is where it is and magnifies it…but everyone has a regional connection to a small town, so people get [the humor] immediately."

in every episode, ferra sets out to right a personal injustice that turns her into a rogue sort of private investigator who only takes on her own cases. whether it’s tracking down her boyfriend harry to set him back on the straight and narrow, retrieving her free sub card, or trying to get her moneys worth for a pipe at the antique roadshow, there always seems to be some kind of trouble brewing and ferra is the only one smart enough to sort it out. full of swearing and colloquialisms that could only be found in the foothills of south carolina, the writing is vulgar, sharp and most of all funny. the first four episodes premiered this week, and the rest will be released starting on monday. so if you need weekend plans, pour yourself a thermos of beer, place your laptop by the kiddy pool, and get ready to laugh. keep up with the series on youtube or get involved with season 2 through their website.

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