Wednesday, June 24, 2015

quarterly: design*sponge | 02

after much anticipation, i am happy to report that the second design*sponge quarterly box has made its way into homes. while the shipment of this box was significantly delayed (scheduled arrival march, actual arrival june), i think that it is a testament to grace’s mission and the quality of the box. she and quarterly were very transparent about the delay and provided several updates, which i appreciated. i also appreciated that grace managed to secure one-of-a-kind mugs from potter nic newcomb, so i wasn’t that peeved about it either. to me, that was just further proof that quarterly provides a good return on investment and really is unique compared to other subscription boxes out there. plus, they don’t actually bill you until your box ships, so you could always use that $100 in your march budget to buy something else you had your eye on.

the theme for this month’s box was color, and that color happened to be pink. now, i know that might not be everyone’s favorite, but i thought it was really refreshing to see such a fun color at the center of this design centric box when my pinterest feed is currently full of stark minimal houses. the shades ranged from dusty rose to full-on neon. and if you love posters, prints and gallery walls in your home, then this box was right on point. i think all of the pieces work really well together and could even be used as a starting point for an interesting wall in your house. here’s what was inside:

this is the item that i was the most excited about. i have been lusting over this print ever since i saw it on cup of jo a few months back, but i just never made the splurge. it was a little home decor dream come true to find this in the box, and the deckled edge is a cool touch. (don’t be alarmed: you didn’t rip it when you opened it!) also, it’s designed to fit in an ikea ribba frame, so i don’t have to spend a fortune framing it. the LOVE card is cute too, and i like the retro feel of it. so much so that i’m undecided about actually giving it to someone.

i am a self-confessed coffee mug hoarder, so this custom mug from nic newcomb was right up my alley. i love the translucent paint that peeks over the rim and the visible brush strokes on the inside. there’s also a tiny stamp on the handle and a beautiful D*S + NNPS logo on the bottom. it’s all in the details, as the saying goes. i also really like the continuity between boxes - remember that kusmi tea included in the first box?

llubav colorwheel cards
these cards are so dynamic and have such great energy. (i actually thought the pieces of the wheel were glued to each card when i first saw them.) i feel like they really capture the spirit of summer, and they remind me of fireworks, flowers and sunshine all at once. they’re also just note cards (they don’t open up) which makes them a little less formal and more practical in my opinion. perfect for jotting down a quick note to a friend or hostess.

when i saw this on the sneak peek email, i had never heard of a furoshiki cloth. apparently, they are popular in japan for carrying little knick knacks and wrapping gifts. it’s like a bandana but with a pink and orange rorschach pattern on it. the suggestion was to use it as reusable wrapping paper, which would make for a sweet added touch, but i like the pattern so much that i’ll probably just end up framing it.

this is the one item that when i opened it, i went “…huh?” but the more i looked at it, the more i really, really liked it. i love posters, i love gem stones, so why not combine the two? i’m planning to put it in my office to give me some creative inspiration and maybe build a mood board around it. it’s just so fun and girly in a sofia coppola / virgin suicides way. (couldn’t you see the offices having something like this?)

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