Monday, June 15, 2015

beach reads

i was driving to the grocery store at just the right time today. i turned on the radio, and NPR was interviewing aziz ansari about his new book modern romance. the book is based on his stand up tour of the same name that we were lucky enough to catch at the peace center in march 2014 (he actually pulled a guy up on stage and read text messages to a girl on his phone!) and some new research he has conducted with sociologists at nyu. during the interview, aziz talks about the similarity between comedy and sociology, the amazing insight of wise old ladies, and how people are like flo rida songs. it's short, sharp and definitely worth a listen. check out the interview here and catch that stand up act on netflix with live at madison square garden. i'll be rushing out to get the book when it's released tomorrow before i head to the beach. i think books might actually be taking up more room in my carry on than clothes. i've also got chocolat, the girl on the train and delicious! in my bag. do you have any favorite beach reads? i'd love to have some more :)

how amazing is that cover? keep doing what you're doing, aziz.

image via aziz ansari

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