Tuesday, June 30, 2015

automatic taco x restaurant 17

restaurant 17 joined automatic taco behind the wheel (or i guess grill might be more appropriate) last week at community tap for a pop up dinner. both greg mcphee (executive chef of restaurant 17) and nick thomas (owner of automatic taco) were working the truck, making it a truly special collaborative menu. 

justin went for the duck confit taco with cherry mole sauce and pickled heirloom carrots, while i sprang for the gulf shrimp and pineapple ceviche and grassfed carne asada tostada, which had heirloom tomato, lardo grilled onion, cotija cheese and salsa verde. at $4 a pop, the ceviche was a good deal because they gave you so much shrimp, and i thought the plantain chips were a really nice touch. it always amazes me when chefs can still squeeze in the little details despite cooking in a motor vehicle in 100 degree heat. i also really enjoyed the tostadas because they were covered in salsa verde, which i would bathe in if it were socially acceptable, but still retained their crisp, crunchiness. we got some blueberry doughnuts with cardamom ice cream to cap things off. and you'd think eating doughnuts fresh out of the frier on a june evening would be too much, but these were so, so good. as you were eating them, the ice cream melted into a chilled dipping sauce that made them surprisingly refreshing. (they also had trout poke lettuce wraps and fried churros on the menu). we paired everything with some drinks from community tap - beer for justin, rose for me - and camped out on their back porch.

mc phee told the greenville news "[restaurant 17] needs to be friends with anyone involved in local foods; that's how you create a more cohesive food community. so we're hoping to make more friends downtown so we can do more pop ups in the future."

i love this attitude. i've never seen as much support among local makers/movers/shakers as i have in greenville. it's a much more collaborative atmosphere than competitive, which leads to some really unique events and opportunities for the city. also, i'll be the first to admit that i don't get out to traveler's rest as often as i would like to, so the fact that restaurant 17 is trying to build more of a presence in greenville is really exciting. but, they did recently launch a new bar menu, and a family-style, prix fixe menu is in the works too, so i have a feeling i'll be out there sooner rather than later. check out the food below and follow me on twitter to stay tuned for any more upcoming pop ups.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

quarterly: design*sponge | 02

after much anticipation, i am happy to report that the second design*sponge quarterly box has made its way into homes. while the shipment of this box was significantly delayed (scheduled arrival march, actual arrival june), i think that it is a testament to grace’s mission and the quality of the box. she and quarterly were very transparent about the delay and provided several updates, which i appreciated. i also appreciated that grace managed to secure one-of-a-kind mugs from potter nic newcomb, so i wasn’t that peeved about it either. to me, that was just further proof that quarterly provides a good return on investment and really is unique compared to other subscription boxes out there. plus, they don’t actually bill you until your box ships, so you could always use that $100 in your march budget to buy something else you had your eye on.

the theme for this month’s box was color, and that color happened to be pink. now, i know that might not be everyone’s favorite, but i thought it was really refreshing to see such a fun color at the center of this design centric box when my pinterest feed is currently full of stark minimal houses. the shades ranged from dusty rose to full-on neon. and if you love posters, prints and gallery walls in your home, then this box was right on point. i think all of the pieces work really well together and could even be used as a starting point for an interesting wall in your house. here’s what was inside:

this is the item that i was the most excited about. i have been lusting over this print ever since i saw it on cup of jo a few months back, but i just never made the splurge. it was a little home decor dream come true to find this in the box, and the deckled edge is a cool touch. (don’t be alarmed: you didn’t rip it when you opened it!) also, it’s designed to fit in an ikea ribba frame, so i don’t have to spend a fortune framing it. the LOVE card is cute too, and i like the retro feel of it. so much so that i’m undecided about actually giving it to someone.

i am a self-confessed coffee mug hoarder, so this custom mug from nic newcomb was right up my alley. i love the translucent paint that peeks over the rim and the visible brush strokes on the inside. there’s also a tiny stamp on the handle and a beautiful D*S + NNPS logo on the bottom. it’s all in the details, as the saying goes. i also really like the continuity between boxes - remember that kusmi tea included in the first box?

llubav colorwheel cards
these cards are so dynamic and have such great energy. (i actually thought the pieces of the wheel were glued to each card when i first saw them.) i feel like they really capture the spirit of summer, and they remind me of fireworks, flowers and sunshine all at once. they’re also just note cards (they don’t open up) which makes them a little less formal and more practical in my opinion. perfect for jotting down a quick note to a friend or hostess.

when i saw this on the sneak peek email, i had never heard of a furoshiki cloth. apparently, they are popular in japan for carrying little knick knacks and wrapping gifts. it’s like a bandana but with a pink and orange rorschach pattern on it. the suggestion was to use it as reusable wrapping paper, which would make for a sweet added touch, but i like the pattern so much that i’ll probably just end up framing it.

this is the one item that when i opened it, i went “…huh?” but the more i looked at it, the more i really, really liked it. i love posters, i love gem stones, so why not combine the two? i’m planning to put it in my office to give me some creative inspiration and maybe build a mood board around it. it’s just so fun and girly in a sofia coppola / virgin suicides way. (couldn’t you see the ban.do offices having something like this?)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

music midtown 2015 lineup

the music midtown 2015 lineup was announced today. held in atlanta every year, music midtown is one of the bigger draws for those looking to attend a festival close to the upstate. our experience in 2013 was pretty lackluster, and we swore off going again. (think great bands, but terrible organization - we had to wait over an hour in the rain to actually get into the festival, which caused us to miss a few acts.) but after looking at this year's initial lineup, i might reconsider. tickets go on sale saturday, june 27th at 10 am and start at $156 for a two-day pass. get yours here. did you go to the festival in 2014? if so, i'd love to hear about your experience and see if anything's changed.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy father's day

happy father's day! hope you get to spend a great day with all of the dads in your life. (if you need a list minute gift, look here.)

image via pinterest

Friday, June 19, 2015

the girl from carolina

first there was trailer park boys, then there was east bound and down, and now there's the girl from carolina. irreverent but charming, the girl from carolina focuses on the misadvertures of ferarri thunderbird taylor (actress breanna foister) and her crazy cast of friends. but just as interesting as the group on screen are the friends behind the lens who made this whole story come to life.

well dang! productions is a group of four friends – lindsay, alex, joe and breanna – who started making creative projects together as childhood neighbors and classmates. they stayed in touch as they got older, and performing together became a creative outlet to fill the time between meals during the holidays. in fact, the girl from carolina began as a short film that was brain stormed on a napkin and shot over just a few short days in december 2011. after gaining some traction at national film festivals, the friends decided to revisit the story and expand upon it. so they, reshot the original short as pilot and added 9 more episodes.

despite moving across the country to new york and los angeles, the project has helped the friends stay united and celebrate the one place that connects them all.  in fact, greenville features as prominently as any of the characters (you’ll recognize the albino skunk festival grounds, tanner’s big orange, substation II, and independent public ale house in season one), but the series is relatable even if you're not from the upstate. alex told me "this is the first thing we’ve made that embraces the landscape, acknowledges this is where it is and magnifies it…but everyone has a regional connection to a small town, so people get [the humor] immediately."

in every episode, ferra sets out to right a personal injustice that turns her into a rogue sort of private investigator who only takes on her own cases. whether it’s tracking down her boyfriend harry to set him back on the straight and narrow, retrieving her free sub card, or trying to get her moneys worth for a pipe at the antique roadshow, there always seems to be some kind of trouble brewing and ferra is the only one smart enough to sort it out. full of swearing and colloquialisms that could only be found in the foothills of south carolina, the writing is vulgar, sharp and most of all funny. the first four episodes premiered this week, and the rest will be released starting on monday. so if you need weekend plans, pour yourself a thermos of beer, place your laptop by the kiddy pool, and get ready to laugh. keep up with the series on youtube or get involved with season 2 through their website.

Monday, June 15, 2015

beach reads

i was driving to the grocery store at just the right time today. i turned on the radio, and NPR was interviewing aziz ansari about his new book modern romance. the book is based on his stand up tour of the same name that we were lucky enough to catch at the peace center in march 2014 (he actually pulled a guy up on stage and read text messages to a girl on his phone!) and some new research he has conducted with sociologists at nyu. during the interview, aziz talks about the similarity between comedy and sociology, the amazing insight of wise old ladies, and how people are like flo rida songs. it's short, sharp and definitely worth a listen. check out the interview here and catch that stand up act on netflix with live at madison square garden. i'll be rushing out to get the book when it's released tomorrow before i head to the beach. i think books might actually be taking up more room in my carry on than clothes. i've also got chocolat, the girl on the train and delicious! in my bag. do you have any favorite beach reads? i'd love to have some more :)

how amazing is that cover? keep doing what you're doing, aziz.

image via aziz ansari

Friday, June 12, 2015

happy friday

happy friday! i'm excited to actually be at home this weekend, watch some world cup, and go to the farmers market. plus we're going to a concert saturday! do you have any plans this weekend or are you just hanging around the house? sometimes that can be the most relaxing activity of all. hope you have a good one!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

father's day greenville gift guide

father's day is a just a little more than a week away! if you're stumped about where to go and what to buy your dad, greenville has some great options that you can pick up right here in town.

1. dinner bacon brothers (prices vary) 
grill master, champion breakfast maker, hot dog microwaver extraordinaire. turn the tables and treat him to a meal.

2. 10 year annivesary shirt greenville drive $17
he's always loved his home team...bonus points if you get him seats at a game to go with the shirt

3. shotshell knife orvis $25
for the manly man who likes to hunt, fish and camp

4. carolina peach shine dark corner distillery $23.99
as a true southern gentlemen, he knows how to appreciate the finer (and distilled) things in life

5. dogfish head 20th anniversary celebration community tap  (free entry, prices vary)
treat him to his favorite beer plus cupcakes, popsicles and other treats made from dogfish head. definitely worth the wait to celebrate

6. escapades sunglasses schuron $159.98
old school cool, your dad has always had the air of a movie star from a bygone era

7. classic skip jack canvas belt southern tide $49.50
classic prep, perfect on the golf course or for lunch together downtown

DIY succulent centerpiece

this month, i'm teaming up with terminix to bring you a really easy DIY project to add a pop of color to your outdoor dining area. last year, justin bought me a picnic table for our backyard. it took me about three weeks to apply a waterproof stain because i kept getting eaten alive by mosquitos every time i went outside to work on it. at the end of the process, there wasn’t much of a difference in the way the table looked. i felt like it had the potential to be much cuter with some color, but at that point, i didn't want to go to all of the trouble of painting it.

this succulent centerpiece is a hassle-free way to add a pop of color (and life) to your table in just a few minutes. i love how the mint planter turned out and kind of creates an ombre vibe with the plants. and best of all, while i was potting these little guys, i didn’t get a single mosquito bite. thanks to terminix, i have my backyard back :) maybe i'll repaint this thing after all...anyways, i’ve already been eating lunch at our picnic table this summer and can’t wait to host a few barbecues. read on to make your own planter! 

here's what you'll need:
box planter
white spray paint
mint spray paint
cactus potting mix

i found everything i needed at home depot, and i ended up only needing one bag of this cactus potting mix. if yours happens to be out of stock, the nice guy in the garden department told me you could mix some of the $1 potting soil with sand to create a fast-draining soil. using the correct soil is a really important step to ensuring the longevity of your plants, as i have learned the hard way from cutting corners.

spray your planter white. i made sure to spray the inside of mine just around the edges since your plants won't fill up the entire box. 

wait 20 minutes, or until your base coat is dry, then go back over it with the mint paint.

wait another 20 minutes for your paint to dry. pop out the drainage holes in the bottom of your planter. if the fumes are bothering you, and you're worried about the succulents, you can also wait 24 hours to repot them.

to repot, fill your box about 3/4 of the way with soil. make a few holes for your plants, drop them in, and cover with the remaining quarter of potting mix. water immediately and place in the sun.

and there you have it! pretty easy, huh? you could also personalize your planter with some washi tape around the middle or some colored rocks on top. for more summer entertaining tips courtesy of terminix, click here.

all thoughts and opinions are my own. thank you for supporting the sponsors who make truly unruly possible!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

national iced tea day

did you know it's national iced tea day today? it is! i'm surprised we don't make this a bank holiday in the south, dedicated to sitting outside and sipping sweet tea. sounds like a good idea in my book... anyways, i picked up an iced snow flake latte from tealoha on my way to work this morning to celebrate. i had never had one before, and it was so good! it features a coconutty black tea with steamed milk and organic sugar cane syrup. i'm not usually a coconut person, but i really liked the subtle flavor of this drink. and, it was much lighter and more refreshing than a frappuccino. if you've never been to tealoha before, today is the day to stop by. they have a wide selection of tea lattes and fruit teas, if you're looking to try something other than your standard sweet tea. 

131 east mcbee avenue, greenville, sc 29601

Monday, June 8, 2015

women's world cup

the women's world cup kicked off in canada on saturday. call it a blessing or a curse, but the recent press around fifa has drummed up a lot of attention around the event this year. that and the fact that the us women's team is kicking ass and gunning for their third world championship title. brewery 85 is showing their support for our ladies and broadcasting all the games at the brewery. the first match kicks off tonight against australia at 7:30 pm. doors and taps will open at 4:30 pm though, and ellada kouzina will be also be there serving food. get all the details here, and mark you calendar for friday at 8 pm (usa vs sweden with food from asada) and june 16th at 8 pm (usa vs nigeria with food from the chuck truck).

brewery 85
6 whitlee court, greenville, sc 29607

image via e!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

happy friday

we've been busy getting ready for our friends' wedding this weekend, so i'm signing off early. hope yours is filled with lots of love and joy, too!

image via studio diy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

weekend edition: asheville

asheville makes for a great weekend get away because there's such a variety of different things to do. you can see some of our past trips here, and you can check out the rest of the romantic weekend justin had planned for my birthday after the jump.