Tuesday, May 12, 2015

weekend edition: shaky knees

shaky knees music festival was this past weekend in atlanta. we had such a good time, and i thought it was one of the best organized festivals i have been to. central park was a great location with plenty of room to spread out the crowds while still keeping commuting time between shows to a minimum. plus, there were lots of trees to provide some shade in the 90 degree heat. there were even a tented stage and a stage in the parking lot, so you wouldn't get muddy if it rained. my only complaint would be that lines for the food trucks got a little crazy at dinner, but water, drinks and lunch were all very easy to access...and oh yeah, the music was amazing, too. some personal highlights were the strokes, brand new, and minus the bear playing menos el oso in full. i can't wait to be back next year. be sure to mark your calendar because they've already locked down may 13 - 15, 2016. if you're curious, here's some photos posted throughout the weekend:

food images via clture.org
festival images via shaky knees + alive coverage

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