Monday, May 18, 2015

greekfest tip

saturday evening, our friends coaxed us off the couch and over to the greek festival.

st. george greek orthodox church holds the festival every year and transforms their parking lot with rides, stages, and a bazzaar. there's also tents filled with beer, gyros, greek pizza and ice cream. we had been a few years ago when we first moved to greenville, got a kebab and left. we figured we had been there and done that. luckily our friends have lived in greenville for a while and had the insider's tip: it turns out there's a whole cafeteria of delicious greek food inside. the festival is fairly crowded, and we never even noticed you could go into the building. so this year, we dined in doors and had some delicious chicken athenian, dolmades, pastichio, spanikopita and keftethes. then, there was a whole room of pastries, so we got a box of baklava and galatoboureko to go. don't get me wrong, i love a good souvlaki, but this was like having someone's grandmother lovingly make you a home cooked meal. it was so good, it was hard to stick to our six course meal and not go back for more. if you haven't been to the greek festival, you should definitely check it out next year. and you can get a peek at the full menu here.

greek festival
st. george orthodox cathedral
406 north academy street, greenville, sc 29601

images via the greenville news 1/2/3/4


  1. Here's another tip - go Friday, before the bakery sells out of all the good stuff ;)

    1. thanks liene, good to know! what's your favorite thing to get?

    2. One of each! But really, the dipless, the loukoumades and the chocolate baklava would be my top three.