Thursday, May 28, 2015

chef's table

i'm so excited to be sharing our meal at rezaz, a mediterranean + middle eastern restaurant in asheville, nc, on the blog today. when it comes to birthdays, justin and i usually pick a restaurant to go to and then gift some kind of experience (concerts, day trip, etc.) this year, he combined the two and got us seats at the chef table at rezaz to celebrate me turning 24. i had never done anything like this before, and the whole thing blew me away.

when we arrived, we were seated directly in the kitchen of the restaurant, where we could see all of the cooks preparing the evening’s meals and chef rezaz orchestrating the whole show. it was actually a really peaceful and quiet atmosphere, with none of the yelling you see in the kitchens on food network. we sat under a huge chandelier made out of the original pans chef rezaz used when he began the restaurant. our waiter introduced himself, and he became our culinary tour guide for the evening. it was amazing how well-versed he was about the food. he knew every detail about what we were eating, even though all five courses were off the menu. in addition to some great drink pairings, he also wisely warned us not to try to eat everything on our plates since you’re served full portions, instead of a tasting menu, or we would never make it through them all. this was really difficult because each plate looked like something you would be served in los angeles or new york. check it out:

course 1
seared scallop, crab cake and soft shell crab on top of chilled pea soup with greens

course 2
red snapper with herb butter on top of a white bean puree and dolmades garnished with pesto

course 3
duck three ways (grilled breast, pulled duck confit and ground cracklin) with a berry compote and spanakopita

course 4
lamb steak and sausage with eggplant, greek salad and olives

course 5
presian baklava,  date shortbread cookie and cardamom, honey, cinnamon gelato

it was hard to choose a favorite. i love seafood, so course one was definitely up there for me, but the dolmades blew me away and the persian baklava was like nothing i had ever tasted (more savory than sweet). over all, the menu is very moderately priced for the quality and quantity of food that you receive. i would definitely recommend this experience to any adventurous eaters out there. if you’re interested in trying the chef’s table, rezaz can accommodate parties up to 12 guests, and you can call 828-277-1510 or email to make a reservation.

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