Monday, April 13, 2015

weekend edition: sweetwater brewery

this past weekend, we headed down to atlanta to celebrate justin’s birthday a little bit early with some friends. our first stop was sweetwater brewery. we’ve been fans ever since we moved to greenville, so it was really fun to have the whole selection on tap. the brewery was huge, much larger than anything we had toured before. and even though it was crowded, no one was bumping into you, so you could still enjoy yourself. the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and they had two outdoor (dog-friendly) patios to enjoy the afternoon on. 

the way sweetwater works is you pay $10 for a cup and six tickets. the tickets entitle you to a sample of beer, which comes out to about half a pint. three beers and glass for ten bucks? that’s a good deal in my book, especially when sweetwater blue and 420 are on tap. i was even able to snag a nice pint coozie to give my poorly circulating fingers a break from the cold. the tasting room is only open from 2-4:30 pm though, so make sure to get there early if you want to use all of your tickets. after tasting, we took a quick tour, and then went on our merry way to dinner at alma cocina (think guacamole sampler and blood orange margaritas) and the decemberists show at the tabernacle. after such a great weekend, monday was quite the shock back to reality, but luckily, we get to celebrate justin’s actual birthday on wednesday so the festivities continue!

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