Thursday, April 2, 2015

now in greenville: king of pops

king of pops is now officially in greenville, yall! leave it to laura (she writes the reedy review) to have the inside scoop on this kind of thing. so when she invited me on a popsicle run, i was all in. i love king of pops, and i feel like i've enjoyed them everywhere but greenville (atlanta, louisville and even richmond). so i am really excited to tell you that they have not one but two carts in downtown greenville as of yesterday. we went to the one on the corner of mc bee avenue and main street, right outside jerky and vine. the other is a few blocks down at the intersection of augusta road and main street, i believe (someone please correct me if i'm wrong.) they'll be open every day until 6 pm and will also be at the td saturday market every weekend. 

with awesome flavors like key lime pie, arnold palmer, and chocolate sea salt, i'm sure it won't be long before people start lining up. so get in on the action early, and go grab a pop. they're $3 each and luckily they have square for people like me who never carry cash and accept cards. plus, if you snap a photo with your pop server and post it on instagram with #kingofpopsgvl, you might win 12 free popsicles. i strongly recommend the grapefruit mint (pictured above) or the sea salt chocolate, a classic. laura had the raspberry lime which also looked great. and if you can't get downtown, fear not because you can also pick up a pop from a few local stores like community tap and swamp rabbit cafe and grocery. welcome to the neighborhood, guys!

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