Wednesday, March 25, 2015


i enjoy cooking, but lately i've just been so exhausted when i come home after a stressful day at work that the last thing i want to do is worry about making dinner. (this is where i graciously thank justin for letting me eat all of his extra servings and leftovers.) so when i got a coupon for plated, i figured i would give it a try.

i ended up really enjoying the service. all of your food gets mailed to you in a cute little cooler packed with dry ice, and every ingredient is portioned out in the exact amount you will need for the recipe. i picked chicken khao soi (a spicy thai soup), lamb kofta (sort of like a kebab sandwich), and cheesy corn arepas (think corn cakes/burgers). i really liked that the recipe choices pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me switch things up a bit (and also, that i didn't have to go hunting for these new ingredients in the grocery store.) the recipe cards and instructions were easy to follow, with pretty basic techniques any chef could master. i also liked that, for the most part, my plates turned out just like the photos :) the thai soup was definitely my favorite, and the lamb turned out great, too. the only one i had a little trouble with was frying the corn arepas, but it still tasted good in the end. i will also say that three meals was kind of a lot, though. between left overs, justin cooking and going out to eat, i really had to make an effort to use all of my ingredients before they went bad. so i'd advise you to take your social calendar into account before ordering. but if you know you have a busy week ahead, i'd definitely recommend splurging and ordering some meals from plated. if you want to sign up and give me a referral, just click here. and i'd love to know your favorite/easiest weekday meal!

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