Tuesday, February 24, 2015

methodical coffee

we had another snow day today! not quite cold enough to shut down the city, but there’s talk of another few inches falling wednesday night :) if you’re looking for a cozy spot to bunker down in on these gray days, let me recommend methodical coffee. i went over there and did some work last week during the ice storm, and it is such a gem. they only opened a few weeks ago but it’s already a warm center of community, coffee and inspiration. 

located in the plaza at 101 north main (right across from tupelo honey), methodical is a multi-roaster coffee bar that switches up their offering each month, so you can trust the team to introduce you to something delicious, exciting and new when you go. the shop is beautiful with lots of natural light and delicate touches the team added to the space by hand (think tiles, wall paper and even a vinyl collection). and at the heart of it all is will shurtz, the vagabond barista himself, greeting everyone by name with a smile and his signature top knot. you might recognize some of the other baristas from around town, too, and if not, just feel free to say hi. everyone was really nice, and i overheard conversations between old friends and new acquaintances. it was actually so busy that day, i couldn’t really snap any photos (also i was working, promise!) so here are a few of my favorite snaps from the methodical instagram account:

methodical coffee
101 north main street, greenville, sc 29601

have you tried methodical yet? i'd love to know your favorite drink!

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