Monday, February 9, 2015

40 days of dating

have you guys heard of the 40 days of dating project? it started as an experiment between friends, then turned into a blog last year, and now its a book! i only just discovered it with the release of the book, but im already sucked in after only about 50 pages. heres the premise:

"the dating life in new york city can grow tiresome and wearing. tim is afraid of commitment, often dating many girls at once, and hes losing sight of what a healthy relationship means. jessica is a hopeless romantic, jumping into relationships too quickly, always looking to find 'the one.' its been said that it takes 40 days to change a bad habit. in an attempt to explore and hopefully overcome their fears and inadequacies, tim and jessica will go through the motions of a relationship for the next 40 days: the commitment, time, companionship, joys and frustrations. can they help each other, or will they fall into their same habits? will they damage their friendship? what if they fall in love?"

apparently, the book answers the big question the blog left unanswered: what happened to their relationship after the 40 days were over? it also includes journal excerpts, details about their lives before the 40 days, stories and essays about love and relationships from their friends, personal commentary on one anothers blog posts, and lots of fun artwork. im not sure how this one ends yet, but i feel like it would make a great valentines gift for just about anyone, from the modern romantic to the design enthusiast in your life.

you can pick up a copy of your own here, and if youve followed tim and jessicas story, id love to know what you think! if not, check out a sneak peek inside the book and the book trailer below:

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