Wednesday, January 7, 2015

restaurant week south carolina

restaurant week south carolina is next week! a variety of restaurants around greenville will be featuring prix fixe menus, usually about $30 for three courses. we love to use this as a chance to step out of our comfort zone (aka: tacos) and try one of the fancier restaurants around town. it's also a great excuse to build up some fat to get you through the cold front that is coming through (remember that snow storm last year?) or just to indulge yourself for good behavior, so you don't totally jump ship on your new years resolutions. restaurant week south carolina is january 8th - 18th. you can find a full list of participating restaurants here, or check out some of my favorite recommendations below:

we went here for restaurant week last year, and it was much so that we may have gotten a few things that were not included with the deal, like cocktails and those sriracha chicken skins pictured above. i really enjoyed the rustic nature of the menu (think rabbit and duck) and would recommend this to any curious eaters.

passerelle is so charming from the quaint tile floors to the crepe stand outside by the park. and luckily, they have the chops to back it up, too, with delicious, casual french courses. mussels will be on the restaurant week menu, and that sounds like perfection on a cold, rainy night.

this might our favorite restaurant in greenville. it's upscale comfort food with a fun, nightlife vibe. justin raves about the meat loaf, and the above picture is only half a serving. the greenroom also lays claim to some of the best french fries in the country.

while the paella is a greenville favorite, my preferred dish at the lazy goat is their appetizer of goat cheese balls drizzle with honey. you just can't beat it, but i hear they have brussel sprouts on the restaurant week menu, which i would also be game to try. 

larkins was my favorite tent at fall for greenville, so i'd love to get another sampling. and you just can't go wrong with a big ol juicy steak.

high cotton
a greenville and charleston classic, high cotton seems like the best of carolina cooking. plus, they'll be changing their menu every night during restaurant week, proof that southern food is anything but boring.

i've heard that stella's is one of greenville's best kept secrets due to the fact that it's off the beaten path and away from main street. if you're looking for something different from  a chef who really knows how to showcase local, seasfonal ingredients, this is probably your best bet.

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