Tuesday, January 13, 2015

new year's resolution

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“be healthier, be tidier, stop buying so many striped shirts” i feel like that is usually my january mentality. so this year for a resolution, i wanted to do something fun that i would actually be excited about but that would still be beneficial to my well being. i thought about how i could be tidier, and one thing that immediately came to mind was eliminating clutter. i have stacks of magazines that sit around because i like the cover…or there’s one recipe i want to make in the entire 200-page spread…or because i might finally get around to reading the articles instead of just looking at the pictures. so i figured the easiest thing to do would be to clean house and then nip that habit in the bud for 2015. no more hoarding issues of real simple (the recipes are online, after all) and no more airport issues of glamour collecting dust. this year, i want to invest more of my money in special publications that truly inspire and engage me. plus, since independent publications often publish only a few times a year, i feel like that will give me time to fully digest each issue. here’s what’s on my reading list so far:

do you have any suggestions for what i should check out? i’d love to hear your new years resolutions too!

if you’re curious to learn more about the independent print movement, I highly recommend listing to this episode of after the jump.

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