Monday, December 22, 2014

neue southern

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i waited a while to write this post because i was really debating about whether it belonged here. i try to keep this blog pretty positive; but honestly, not every experience is going to be great every time, and i want this to be an honest space. neue southern was one of those instances for me. 

neue southern started out as one of the first food trucks in greenville, but then, they moved to portland. when i saw on twitter last week that they were coming back to greenville for the holidays and doing a few guest catering gigs around town, i was pretty excited at a second chance to cross this long-lost item off my greenville bucket list. it wasn't too chilly that night, so i decided to go wait in the very long line. so many people couldn't be wrong, right? well after waiting more than an hour, we got our food...and over all, it was just okay.

let me preface this by saying that the brussel sprouts were absolutely, knock your socks off amazing. i loved the glaze, and the portion was enough to split between two meals, which i thoroughly enjoyed both times. the rest of the meal unfortunately brought the group average down. i got the schnitzel, which was good, but nothing to write home about. it was served with only lettuce and sweet and sour pickles, so there wasn't a lot going on there. justin got the pork buns for his main course. i tried them, and i feel like they were going for charred but they ended up with burned. also, the buns weren't cooked all the way, so they got soggy very quickly with all the sauce. we capped things off with a pumpkin whoopie pie for dessert, but that was pretty dense and a little dry in the center. 

maybe neue southern wasn't used to cooking in the borrowed truck,  or maybe they were trying out a few new menu items, or maybe we just ordered the wrong things? i'm not sure. i just don't think it was worth waiting for more than an hour. i think i felt compelled to stick it out because i've tried and failed this long line before. i was hoping neue southern would have learned a few crowd control tricks out in a larger city like portland; but i think their fare might be better suited to a sit-down restaurant. have you tried their food? if so, what'd you think — was it worth the wait?

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