Tuesday, December 16, 2014

do or dont: christmas pineapple

image via this is glamorous 
i just got off the phone with my mom, and she has already solicited my spry young muscles to help her polish all the silver for christmas dinner. (we have about 40 people over, so we need every fork, spoon and knife we can get our hands on!) breaking out the silver is an old southern tradition, but it's one that i absolutely love. there's just something so charming about it, and i feel like family silver is becoming something of a dying breed. 

anyways, i recently stumbled across this photo on pinterest, which represents another one of my favorite old south traditions: decorating with pineapples. back in colonial times, pineapples were considered a sign of welcome...a tidbit that i must have picked up ages ago on a field trip to jamestown, but one that has always stuck with me. i love the idea of adding a pineapple to your christmas centerpiece or bar for a refreshing take on gold and live greenery. i think at christmas, it's a little unexpected and fun. what do you think — too tropical or just crazy enough to work?

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