Saturday, December 13, 2014

behind the scenes: bon secours wellness arena

last weekend, justin and i were lucky enough to get a behind the scenes look at the new bon secours wellness arena

if you haven’t been in since the arena became the well, it’s definitely worth checking out! they’ve made a ton of renovations to facility to give it a more modern, welcoming feel and to celebrate the events that go on within its walls. (check out some before and after shots here.) 

we kicked things off with a stop to the new experience room, followed by a trip downstairs to their revamped event space—picture mod green chairs and white couches, plus a private bar. it would be the perfect setting for any gathering. after that, we got to watch the joe bonamassa show from the st. francis box, which was really good. he basically did two shows, acoustic and electric. i really like the size of the well because there isn’t a bad seat in the house. i can’t wait to see another show!

in addition to aesthetic renovations, they’ve also made the facility more engaging for guests. when you stop by the experience room, you can do an interactive session with the bon secours team and your feedback will help shape future programming there. there are also "wellness facts" around facility that you can whip out at your next cocktail party, but my favorite update has to be the social boards. the well has a great digital presence, and you can interact with them using the hashtag #BeWellFans. then, you can see your tweets come up on the boards all around the arena. it's really fun :)

so, whats in a name? it turns out that the sisters of bon secours actually chose the "wellness arena" name. since wellness is at the center of their mission, they wanted to make sure it was central to the venue, too. and the well is doing just that whether you’re jumping around at a concert, skating on the big ice, or just enjoying a sense of community with your fellow road warriors fans.

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