Wednesday, November 26, 2014

small business saturday: richmond, va

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every year, i spend thanksgiving in richmond, va with my family, which means i'm also here for small business saturday. growing up here, there's a few classic spots i always like to stop by whenever i'm i'm in town, and since i've left i've also discovered some new spots that i wish i could visit more often. the obvious plan of attack for small business saturday in richmond is to just stroll down cary street and stop in wherever catches you eye, but there's plenty of other great places to shop small scattered around the city. i've included some of my favorite carytown stores (starting from cary court and working your way down) and some other not-to-be-missed shops. and let me know if there's anyplace i need to check out!

for the love of chocolate
handmade delicacies, five and dime classics, and all your favorites from your european study abroad
3136 west cary st, richmond, va 23221

need supply co.
artfully cool yet understated with a denim selection to knock your socks off
3100 west cary st, richmond, va 23221

gently used designer clothing at a fraction of the retail price
3118 west cary strichmond, va 23221

clementine's little sister with more budget-conscious prices 
3010 west cary strichmond, va 23221

second debut
the fancy goodwill; this is where all the best stuff gets sent. you never know what you'll find 
3114 west cary strichmond, va 23221

"cool stuff for all breeds of humans"... think quirky cards and home goods
2924 west cary strichmond, va 23221

world of mirth
toys, t-shirts and tchotchkes (with a sense of humor) as far as the eye can see
3005 west cary strichmond, va 23221

quirk gallery
jewelry, art and home goods with all the color and fun of pop art
311 west broad st, richmond, va 23220

the hip, dirty thrifts your 90s grunge dreams are made of
723 west broad strichmond, va 23220

deep groove records
my favorite record store ever. great selection of old and new, plus the nicest people behind the counter
317 north robinson st, richmond, va 23220

the shops at 5708
an eclectic group of little shops all under one roof with everything from monogrammed coozies to fine jewelry. the place to shop for all the "very richmond" relatives in your life
5807 patterson ave, richmond, va 23226

yesterdays heroes vintage
perfectly worn in leather goods, old school pendletons, and the occasional piece of mod furniture. bonus: it's across the street from lamplighter coffee
105 south addison st, richmond, va 23220

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