Sunday, November 23, 2014

small business saturday: greenville, sc

original image by wac ave street photography via pinterest
if my inbox is any indication, i can do all of my black friday shopping before thanksgiving and from the comforts of my own home...which is fine with me. sleeping in and seeing my family? yes please. i'm just kind of over the whole day-of consumer chaos. but one thing i can actually get excited about is small business saturday. american express helped launch this phenomenon into the mainstream about four years ago, and it's a great motivator to get out of your amazon-prime comfort zone and support your local community. plus, if you have family visiting from out of town, it's a really fun way to spend time showing them around your stomping grounds instead of just hanging out at the mall all day. sadly, i won't be in greenville to support the small shops here, but if was i would definitely check out:
hand-painted furniture and eclectic home goods
11 lois ave, greenville, sc 29611
muse shoe studio
kitty flats, pumps and fine leather goods? treat yo self!
2222 augusta st, greenville, sc 29605

traveling chic boutique 
party dresses, aztec sweaters and everything in between
122 north main st, greenville, sc 29601

charleston cooks
grab some bloody mary mix or sign up for a cooking class
200 north main st, greenville, sc 29601

custard boutique
the hippest boutique downtown with a refreshing take on southern style
718 south main st, greenville, sc 29601

we took to the woods
like a pinterest board come to life, your go-to for the rustic cabin life
106 east stone ave, greenville, sc 29609

horizon records
snag some greatest hits or pick up pitchfork's latest darling
2 west stone ave, greenville, sc 29609

urban digs
plants, home decor and lovely little knick knacks from local makers
215 wade hampton blvd, greenville, sc 29609 

community tap
eat, drink and enjoy the game. plus, take home a growler for later
217 wade hampton blvd, greenville, sc 29609

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