Saturday, November 15, 2014


what are you up to this weekend? with the cold front that’s blown through, i think i’m just going to camp out on the couch with a blanket, the dogs and our newly reactivated netflix account. if you’re looking for a good movie to  to cure your pre-winter blues, i highly recommend chef. i had been meaning to post about it a while ago, but it slipped my mind until i came home and saw that justin had gotten the soundtrack on vinyl the other day.

if there’s one word to describe this movie, it’s feel-good. sure, it starts out with a bit of mid-life crisis / career turmoil, but it’s nothing you can’t relate to. chef carl casper has lost his spark, and after making a total ass of himself on social media, he just can’t take it anymore. so he goes back to his roots (warm, sunny miami) to rediscover his love for food…which also happens to coincide with my love for sandwiches. he ends up opening a food truck that serves cubanos with his right-hand man and son. after the initial turmoil, the back half of the movie runs like a happy-go-lucky montage as they drive the truck across the country. the film is a really good time, peppered with just the right amount cliches to not be cheesy (think father-son bonding) and fun appearances from some much loved actors (bobby cannavale from boardwalk empire, john leguizamo (moulin rouge), dustin hoffman, scarlett johansson and robert downey jr.) and full disclosure, don't want this movie on an empty stomach because the food shots will leave you drooling.

best of all, if you want to keep your warm, sunny vibes going, you can find the recipe for chef carl’s mojo pork cubano sandwich—specially developed by food truck king roy choi—here. and check out the trailer below: 

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