Tuesday, October 7, 2014

weekend edition: greenville

this past weekend, my parents drove down for an impromptu visit to greenville. the weather was perfect, and i was so excited to be able to get outdoors with them and even show them greenville by bike...which i feel like is the authentic greenville experience. 

on saturday, we had croque monsieurs for lunch at rick's deli and took bandit for a hike at paris mountain. that was followed by beers at oktoberfest at noma square, dinner at the green room, and salted caramel cupcakes from the chocolate moosesunday was spent on the swamp rabbit trail. we rented cruisers from reedy rides and stopped at the swamp rabbit cafe and grocery for lunch. then, we made it all the way out to furman without even breaking a sweat thanks to the nice cool breeze. (an impressive 14-mile round trip!) after that,we had coffee in falls park before capping the evening off with a trip to papas and beer. it was pretty much the quintessential fall weekend in greenville, and a nice calm before the storm that is sure to be next weekend. (aka  the fun, but crowded, fall for greenville.)

we also finally figured out what the hell a swamp rabbit is! check the last photo to find out.


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