Tuesday, October 14, 2014

weekend edition: fall for greenville

fall for greenville was this past weekend and we came, we ate everything in sight and we conquered. this was justin and my second year going, and i feel like we've learned quite a bit over our two runs. here are my top 4 festival tips, plus a few snaps from the weekend:

time your visit just right. go during the day time. it's much less crowded, which means food lines are shorter, it's easier to navigate main street and the side stages, and you don't have to worry about getting separated from your group. i recommend going for the brunch/lunch run (11 am - 3 pm). and if you're staying late to see the headlining bands, maybe just grab a beer so you don't get stuck waiting in line and miss the music.

buy tickets in increments. last year, i think we bought $50 worth of tickets each for both days and we felt like it was wayyy too much food. this year, we did $20 worth of tickets each for one day, and it was still so much food...at least for a single lunch. the portions are surprisingly hefty, and you fill up pretty quickly. so if ingesting all of your calories for the day in one sitting isn't your thing, i'd recommend starting with two sheets of tickets ($10 will get you 16 tickets) and restocking as your stomach feels necessary.

try something new. we like to use fall for greenville as an opportunity to try the restaurants that we normally don't get around to (usually because of the price). similarly, this is a great opportunity to try some new food...you can eat a fried green tomato or shrimp and grits any ol day!

go on game day. if you've had your fill of food, but you still want to take in the music, head over to carolina ale house and grab a table (and a beer) at the open-air bar. they sponsor one of the music stages on mcbee avenue and you can hear just fine from the roof top. this also makes for a great people watching spot, and any football fans in your group can catch up with their teams.

beef bites with chipotle aioli + yukon gold chips with bleu cheese from larkin's

giant turkey leg from nose dive

jerk chicken from jamaica mi irie

she crab fries from roost

pulled beef short rib with pumpkin chipotle bbq and black pepper slaw from soby's

the beef bites from larkin's were definitely my favorite. also, not pictured were a lamburger slider from trappe door and a bacon brownie from nose dive, both of which were excellent but devoured before any photos could be taken.
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