Wednesday, October 22, 2014

recent developments

have you been tuned into the news lately? twitter has been all abuzz recently with the new developments planned for greenville. in case you missed it, here’s some of the cool stuff in the works for us:

the city was lobbying for a barnes and noble, but we’re getting something even better. three lovely ladies (ashley warlick, author; samantha wallace, publisher of edible upcountry magazine; and tricia lightweis, owner of the booksmith in seneca) are planning to open a specialty book store in the old family court house downtown. the family court building is on the national register of historic landmarks for its neoclassical beaux arts style, and the women are curating a collection of southern-based and food-focused literature, as well as making plans for a cafĂ©. i can’t wait! retail seems to be divvied up between the NOMA square and west end areas, so i feel like this will be great for central main street.

...and speaking of retail, an orvis is opening up downtown in the one building! i’m not much of a fly fisher, but i can definitely appreciate a nice field coat. whether or not you can go try the equipment out in the reedy river is probably still to be determined, but keep your wits about you in the coming months as you stroll along the banks just to be on the safe side.

dinner and a movie

rumor has it that a dine-in movie theater could be in the works to replace the old greenville news building. the rest of the development would include more outdoor plazas for public events, which would be a great asset to things like euphoria and fall for greenville.

a stone’s throw from downtown, where the handle bar used to be, a rock 'n roll bowling alley is in the works. part concert venue, part restaurant, part lebowski heaven, the alley is based off of a sister-joint in charleston and aims to get some well-known musical acts. plus, they’re looking to add another parking lot to the area to better accommodate patrons. all in all, this sounds pretty good to me; and i think it will be a great addition to the hip little strip that stone avenue is turning into.

alton brown and kathy griffin are in greenville this week at the peace center, and nordstrom rack opened earlier this month.
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