Sunday, October 19, 2014

halloween mantle diy

halloween is just around the corner! whether you're throwing a party or just handing out candy, it's still fun to get festive. i saw this pin from target and knew i wanted to go for a similar vibe on my mantle, but 15 bucks a pop for candle sticks? sorry target, but that is a little steep. 

so, off i went on a thrifting mission one friday after work. miracle hill on south pleasantburg drive had a ton of brass candle sticks, lucky for me. i snagged all 8 of these for $18. add in the cost of a can of black spray paint ($7), and this whole project was less than two of those candle sticks. (sadly, i couldn't find any glass cloches. but the search continues.) i really liked the mix n match look that thrifting the sticks created. the variety of textures made the matte black much more interesting and i think the eclectic looks adds a bit of witchy feel to it. check out the super easy technique i used below:

candle sticks of varying sizes (as many as you like)
matte black spray paint

miracle hill thrift store
494 south pleasantburg drive
greenville, sc 29607

1. if you're using thrifted candle sticks, be sure to give them a good scrub before painting. i found mind had a lot of melted wax left on the sticks...or you could leave it on for a spookier feeling. up to you!

2. spread your newspaper down, so you don't spray your front porch black. also, i strongly advise wearing gloves because spray paints always drip.

3. lay out your candle sticks and make sure you have enough room to completely walk around them 360 degrees.

4. give em a first coat of spray. then walk around a few steps. aha! you missed a spot. spray again. repeat until you've made sure that your sticks are completely covered. you should be able to cover the whole thing without ever having to pick up your sticks/smudging the paint.

5. this is the most important step: once the first (or second) coat is dry, flip your candle sticks upside down. (they should balance on a flat surface.) the curves of the sticks shadowed some of the other areas. give those spots a good spray with the black paint, too.

6. let them dry, and voila!

i made the skull string art with this tutorial from a beautiful mess last year. it was a super easy project, and it's held up great. i highly recommend it!
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