Friday, October 24, 2014

evil dead: the musical

we went to go see evil dead: the musical at the warehouse theatre last night. now normally, justin isn't one for song and dance routines. (i am still trying to convince him to watch frozen), but that's just a testament to how good this show was because we both loved it.

in true greenville fashion, the warehouse theater is located in an old converted textile mill. it’s downtown in the west end, on the corner of augusta road and university street. the venue is small but cozy. brick walls line the atrium where you can grab a drink to bring in the show with you (bonus fun factor), and there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. i snagged a catawba white zombie ale to bring in with me, and they had a bunch of other festive drinks on-hand, too.

last year, justin dragged me to see the evil dead remake when it came out in theaters, and i think i spent about 70 out of the 90 minutes hiding behind my hands. thankfully, this was more up my alley, and i was laughing out loud throughout the entire show. the whole production was great from the sets to the writing to the acting. it was really the whole package…everything you’d ever want from a musical but didn’t think you could get: swearing, sex jokes, torrents of blood, and even a little twerking thrown in for good measure. the tongue-in-cheek, self-awareness of it all just made it all the more funny from spewing guts all over the audience to the leading lady deliberately ripping off her clothes. the show is running through november 1st (with midnight showings on the weekends), so you should definitely check it out. and if you’re into the grotesque, be sure to snag some seats in the splash zone up front. you can get tickets online here.

warehouse theatre
37 augusta s
greenville, sc 29601


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