Tuesday, October 28, 2014

new look

maybe you’ve noticed a few changes on the blog? if not, feel free to take a look around! i’m really excited to launch this new phase for truly unruly, and i wanted to give a special shout out to will crooks of wac avenue street photography for providing me with the new headshot. will is greenville’s resident street style photographer, and i had the pleasure of bumping into him at fall for greenville. he has a knack for capturing some of the most interesting people roaming the streets of downtown and redefining what “southern style” means. (hint: it's not all chevron and pearls.) check out more of his work over on tumblr!

dress gap / hat forever21 / bag hawks and doves / boots piperlime
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Monday, October 27, 2014

parks n rec wedding

image via zap2it

did you see the parks n rec themed wedding shoot on buzz feed the other day? if not, brace your fan boy/girl hearts because they are about to explode. michigan duo trish and patrick hadley pulled off this amazing shoot with the help of some local vendors. and in true leslie knope fashion, the attention to detail was very impressive. penguins on the wedding invite? tree-trees and zerts? bacon-whiskey cocktails and a waffle cake? that is just too good. plus, they even used a local pit bull to play champion to help him get adopted. since i can't actually go to this wedding, excuse me while i go watch "leslie and ben" one more time on hulu. check out some snaps from the shoot below:

images via buzzfeed
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Friday, October 24, 2014

evil dead: the musical

we went to go see evil dead: the musical at the warehouse theatre last night. now normally, justin isn't one for song and dance routines. (i am still trying to convince him to watch frozen), but that's just a testament to how good this show was because we both loved it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

recent developments

have you been tuned into the news lately? twitter has been all abuzz recently with the new developments planned for greenville. in case you missed it, here’s some of the cool stuff in the works for us:

the city was lobbying for a barnes and noble, but we’re getting something even better. three lovely ladies (ashley warlick, author; samantha wallace, publisher of edible upcountry magazine; and tricia lightweis, owner of the booksmith in seneca) are planning to open a specialty book store in the old family court house downtown. the family court building is on the national register of historic landmarks for its neoclassical beaux arts style, and the women are curating a collection of southern-based and food-focused literature, as well as making plans for a café. i can’t wait! retail seems to be divvied up between the NOMA square and west end areas, so i feel like this will be great for central main street.

...and speaking of retail, an orvis is opening up downtown in the one building! i’m not much of a fly fisher, but i can definitely appreciate a nice field coat. whether or not you can go try the equipment out in the reedy river is probably still to be determined, but keep your wits about you in the coming months as you stroll along the banks just to be on the safe side.

dinner and a movie

rumor has it that a dine-in movie theater could be in the works to replace the old greenville news building. the rest of the development would include more outdoor plazas for public events, which would be a great asset to things like euphoria and fall for greenville.

a stone’s throw from downtown, where the handle bar used to be, a rock 'n roll bowling alley is in the works. part concert venue, part restaurant, part lebowski heaven, the alley is based off of a sister-joint in charleston and aims to get some well-known musical acts. plus, they’re looking to add another parking lot to the area to better accommodate patrons. all in all, this sounds pretty good to me; and i think it will be a great addition to the hip little strip that stone avenue is turning into.

alton brown and kathy griffin are in greenville this week at the peace center, and nordstrom rack opened earlier this month.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

halloween mantle diy

halloween is just around the corner! whether you're throwing a party or just handing out candy, it's still fun to get festive. i saw this pin from target and knew i wanted to go for a similar vibe on my mantle, but 15 bucks a pop for candle sticks? sorry target, but that is a little steep. 

so, off i went on a thrifting mission one friday after work. miracle hill on south pleasantburg drive had a ton of brass candle sticks, lucky for me. i snagged all 8 of these for $18. add in the cost of a can of black spray paint ($7), and this whole project was less than two of those candle sticks. (sadly, i couldn't find any glass cloches. but the search continues.) i really liked the mix n match look that thrifting the sticks created. the variety of textures made the matte black much more interesting and i think the eclectic looks adds a bit of witchy feel to it. check out the super easy technique i used below:

candle sticks of varying sizes (as many as you like)
matte black spray paint

miracle hill thrift store
494 south pleasantburg drive
greenville, sc 29607

1. if you're using thrifted candle sticks, be sure to give them a good scrub before painting. i found mind had a lot of melted wax left on the sticks...or you could leave it on for a spookier feeling. up to you!

2. spread your newspaper down, so you don't spray your front porch black. also, i strongly advise wearing gloves because spray paints always drip.

3. lay out your candle sticks and make sure you have enough room to completely walk around them 360 degrees.

4. give em a first coat of spray. then walk around a few steps. aha! you missed a spot. spray again. repeat until you've made sure that your sticks are completely covered. you should be able to cover the whole thing without ever having to pick up your sticks/smudging the paint.

5. this is the most important step: once the first (or second) coat is dry, flip your candle sticks upside down. (they should balance on a flat surface.) the curves of the sticks shadowed some of the other areas. give those spots a good spray with the black paint, too.

6. let them dry, and voila!

i made the skull string art with this tutorial from a beautiful mess last year. it was a super easy project, and it's held up great. i highly recommend it!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

the mechanical owl

in other, much sadder, greenville food news: the mechanical owl food truck is closing. if you’re unfamiliar with the owl, it started as a restaurant over on wade hampton boulevard with aaron manter, owner and executive chef, and joseph mccarter, chef de cuisine at the helm serving what they called “fine dining for the working class.” in october 2013, the restaurant closed its doors, but saw the chance to reinvent itself when neue southern made a sudden departure for portland and had to leave their truck behind in greenville. thus, the mechanical owl was born and had its maiden voyage in august 2014.

yesterday, manter made an announcement on the owl’s facebook page that he had taken a full-time position at the peace center. since the owl was something he had poured his heart into, he didn’t want to neglect it and felt it best to lay the venture to rest. sad news for greenville’s budding food truck scene, but here’s hoping he adds some of that low-brow, high-flavor flare to the menu at geniveve’s.

justin and i had the good fortune to sample their fare a few weeks back when we were at quest. The menu featured:

dumplings with smoked tofu, kimchi’d veggies and soy green onion 

potato croquettes with cheddar, bacon and banana peppers 

cuban pork rilettes with grain mustard, swiss mayo and dill pickle on toasted swamp rabbit café stecca bread

cornmeal fried okra

and blueberry cookies.

it was dinner time, so we split the croquettes and cuban sandwich, which were the perfect accompaniment to the beers — not too heavy but still hearty enough to keep us full all night. the croquettes were so good. imagine fried mash potato bites and then throw banana peppers on top. (full disclosure, i am a banana pepper fiend, so maybe I’m biased to how good these were.) the rillettes were a nice departure from your traditional cuban, and i especially enjoyed the pickled onions, which I got to eat both helpings of since onions aren’t really jt’s thing.

The owl will have their final dinner service friday night, october 17th at 6 pm at the community tap. definitely make plans to check them out!

the seasonal pumpkin beer at quest is super good, especially when enjoyed on a cool evening outside at one of their picnic tables.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

weekend edition: fall for greenville

fall for greenville was this past weekend and we came, we ate everything in sight and we conquered. this was justin and my second year going, and i feel like we've learned quite a bit over our two runs. here are my top 4 festival tips, plus a few snaps from the weekend:

Friday, October 10, 2014

bo daddys

one of justin's co-workers raves about the barbeque at bo daddy's, and it turns out that it's right across the street from my office, tucked behind a set of stairs on the corner of east broad street and calvin street.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

weekend edition: greenville

this past weekend, my parents drove down for an impromptu visit to greenville. the weather was perfect, and i was so excited to be able to get outdoors with them and even show them greenville by bike...which i feel like is the authentic greenville experience.