Thursday, September 25, 2014

tealoha: pumpkin spice tea latte

tomorrow is friday! in my world, that means treat yo self! back when i lived in D.C. and there was a starbucks on my walk from the metro to my internship, i would treat myself to a pumpkin scone every friday (and sometimes get into double trouble with a pumpkin frappacino, too — hey, DC was built on a swamp folks. it's humid as hell there). it was a grand tradition that i hoped to continue last fall in greenville. until one day, during the height of pumpkin season i might add, the pumpkin scones were gone. vanished. off the menu. in their place was some faux, pre-packed croissants at which any self-respecting frenchman would have turned their well-bred nose up. i was devastated, and starbucks was officially on my shit list...

enter tealoha. after hearing some buzz around town/seeing their cute mason jar window decal/taking samples from their cute little cart out front, i had been wanting to try them, but i just never got in there. but now that my new job is a hop, skip and stone's throw away, i decided there was no better time than the present. upon walking up to the door, i saw the above sign, which peaked my interest. a #PSTL? sure why not! and let me tell you, there is something magical in that pumpkin spice tea latte! it's so good, with just the right amount of nutmeg. 

(full disclosure: when the barista rang me up, i was like "woah buddy, that is one expensive latte..." then i consoled myself with a pat on the back for supporting local business. but then, he brought me a delightfully large drink, and it all made sense. maybe they have sizes and i just didn't order one, so they upgraded me...who knows, but i was happy with my purchase either way because i felt like i got a lot more than the measly 12 ounces of seasonal joy that starbucks charges you for.)

moral of the story, i really liked tealoha. an a+ in my book. in addition to offering premium loose leaf teas, they have a lot of locally sourced food. i also picked up a chocolate chip scone (which they get delivered from swamp rabbit cafe and grocery), and their lunch menu looks really good. they offer free wi-fi, which is nice for getting out of the house, and even have comedy nights. they're totally bringing back the neighborhood coffee shop vibe, and that is something i can really get into. now, who wants to set up shop like on friends?

131 east mcbee ave.,
greenville, south carolina 29601

look at their amazing magnetic tea rack (next to the cash register). does anyone else need one of those for their spices???

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