Monday, September 29, 2014

rumor has it...

so i recently did a twitter purge because i had just gotten to the point where my feed was overwhelming, and now that i can actually manage to sift through the accounts i follow, i have found some really interesting articles. for instance, barb blair (greenville's very own resident artiste extraordinaire and local heroine) is going to start offering online classes. yes, apparently it's true and straight from barb herself. "in addition to the new book, this spring, blair will offer online classes via creativebug, a website that features video workshops and classes on everything from canning to upholstering."  


how cool is this? i will definitely sign up, right after i buy her new book. barb is such an inspiration, from her taste to her integrity, and a real gem in greenville's crown. if you aren't familiar with barb's work, you should definitely read this article chronicling her journey from greenville online. you can also follow her adventures on the knack blog (be sure to check out her instagram, too. it's gorgeous) and you can buy her book, and her furniture, at her store in the west village.

knack studios
11 loise avenue
greenville, sc 29611

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