Monday, September 15, 2014


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guess what: your boyfriend jason segel has written a book! and not like a shitty hollywood memoir, either, but a middle school fiction novel. i am very excited about this for several reasons:

1. this is the man who revived the muppets
2. i secretly love dark comedy YA novels
3. it resulted in some very funny banter on the colbert report
4. it resulted in this breaking news article:

"Jason Segel dons his author sweater at book signing
'...How does Segel expect his life to be different as a writer? “Being able to wear elbow patches and cardigans.” Yes, Segel was already wearing a dark blue one, sans patches.'"

anyways, supposedly segel had nightmares as a child of a witch eating his toes, (fun fact: i used to worry someone was going to eat my ears) and that's what inspired his novel. the plot is as follows: charlie laird's dad remarries and moves him into a purple mansion. charlie is convinced his stepmother is a witch. charlie laird starts to have nightmares during the day. best of all, this is the first in a trilogy, so here's hoping it lives up to the hype, so i can devour this book with a blanket and some warm cider as the nights grow longer. you can get your copy on amazon.

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