Wednesday, September 24, 2014

indie craft parade 2014: part 2

justin and i got a really good haul at indie craft parade. we are just beginning what I have dubbed the rental renovation, so we were looking for a few tchotchkies to add to the house. we found all that and more (meaning a few things I will purchasing on etsy once my wallet recovers) from both old favorites and new makers.

 we couldn’t go out for a night of fun and come home empty handed to bandit. Luckily, brixtix bakery had the perfect solution. their adorable array of dog treats had everything from your alma mater to star wars and everything in between. so nice to find something as good for your dog as it looks! 

justin snagged these awesome prints from cory godbey. i love the fairy tale vibe they have going on, and I think theyll look great on the wall for winter months.


remember this guy from the village market? i lucked out, and he is finally mine. dreams really do come true, guys. juxtaposition has great knick knacks for your shelves, as well as a variety of practical items for your home like door hooks and bottle openers.

Ive been following karen on instagram for a while now, and she has some of the best handwriting around (Greenville and elsewhere). So when I saw she was launching paper loope troupe, I had to stop by. She has a great line of cards and this one really made me laugh. If youre a fan of rifle paper co, youll love their illustrations.

okay, so i think these pennants from strawberry moth were meant for a baby nursery judging by their website, but i don't care. i am all about them and planning a nice little gallery wall with this baby. besides, a sleepy baby bear would probably be on the thompson-howell family crest...cute and furry but approach with caution when hungry.

 i have been wanting a leather tote bag for ages, but baggu was always sold out of the color I wanted and i could never justify splurging on one from madewell. as luck would have it, hawks and doves was at indie craft parade this year with the coolest totes around and they were having 20% off at the VIP gala (in addition to their already more than fair prices). recycled from old leather feed bags, they had them in every which way and color. classic camel, olive green, even dark chocolate and camo. i ended up going with this nice tri-color tote, and i absolutely love it right down to the rail road stripe pocket inside. its big enough to fit my lap top, and it goes with everything. i think it will last me for years to come :)
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