Thursday, July 31, 2014

what to watch this summer

it basically monsooned today in greenville. we had flash flood warnings and everything! and, it doesn't look like the rain is going to let up anytime soon. judging by the forecast, this is the perfect weekend to get comfy on the couch and catch up on some of the TV you've been missing. if you're looking for some suggestions, here are seven shows that justin and i have been into lately:

1. fargo — if you only watch two shows this year, they need to be true detective and fargo. (true detective isn't on this list because we watched it in real-time during the winter). kissing cousins, fargo has all the weird, creepiness of a good murder mystery with the comedic relief that makes so many FX shows shine. throw in a strong female lead and some regional dialect, and you've got me sold. plus, the charming and disarming cast of characters are brought to life by some very familiar faces. 

2. the americans — another winner from FX! if you're into wigs and illicit love affairs, this is the show for you. kidding! sort of...there are a lot of wigs in this show, which never cease to make me giggle. but seriously, this show is great. justin and i picked a weird time to start watching, what with all the  russian chaos in ukraine, but that sort of makes it a little easier to understand the mindset of the 80s. the concept is captivating: russian spies, trained explicitly to impersonate americans, have set down roots in northern virginia when all of a sudden an fbi agent moves in next door. now if that isn't primetime drama, then i don't know what is. also, i love all the mom jeans and leather boots that keri russel wears.

3. the leftovers — not going to lie, the leftovers is some pretty heavy shit. it's really good, but it will also leave you mulling over episodes for a few days. do no watch if you're looking for a feel good sitcom to curl up with and enjoy a bottle of wine with next time you're home alone. set in some kind of post-rapture-esque future, the apocalypse didn't exactly go according to plan. life continues as normal just with a lot more despair, a lot more cults and a lot more unanswered questions that hit you right in the gut. the only real flaws of this show are justin theroux's awful back tat and the shitty opening credits.   

4. silicon valley — think of this as the antithesis to the social network. a group of misfit, lovable geeks launch their own software company instead of completely selling out to their universe's apple. in the process, they have to figure out finances, tech sabotage and girls. hilarity ensues.

5. penny dreadful — we just finished this tonight, and i have to say, this is my new favorite. i really got into this show, much to my own surprise. (showtime is really becoming a contender.) imagine american horror story filled with all your favorite literary characters and then throw in a dash of hope for the existence of goodness. the story chronicles the epic battle between light and dark with gothic london serving as the purgatory in between. eva green kills it as the female lead, and it's great to see josh harnett back on the screen again.

6. vice — if you haven't tuned into vice yet, do it. each episode is like two mini documentaries. they cover everything from the bizarre (like fat farms for girls in mauritania and sending dennis rodman and a team of harlem globe trotters to north korea) to the topical (like terrorist camps in dagestan and the women's rights movement in india). best of all, you don't have to feel guilty about sitting down and watching a whole season in one sitting. it's education after all. knowledge for the masses? i'll drink to that.

7. review  this show is such a simple concept, it's amazing no one thought of it sooner. andy daly reviews whatever people write to him's as basic as that. except, no one knows that's his job. he commits so wholeheartedly to every inquiry, from racism to eating 15 pancakes in one sitting, that you can't help but laugh and cringe all at the same time.

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