Wednesday, July 16, 2014

dollar shave club

i finally did it guys. much to justin's relief, i signed up for dollar shave club and i will stop stealing his subscription. (shaving cream. save the money. dolla dollah shave clubbbbbb...i can't be the only one who sings that every time they think of this brand, right?) anyways, if you aren't already on this band wagon, this is your chance to hop on. 

i'll admit that i am probably the worst at shaving. given the choice between shaving my legs or sleeping in an 10 extra minutes, i will always take the extra sleep. my office is freezing anyways, so wearing pants in the summer isn't that inconvenient...right? also, what is with the price of razor blades these days?! you can actually buy a razor with three razor blades for less than the cost of a pack of refill blades. it makes absolutely no sense. so, that's where dollar shave club comes in. 

with your first shipment, you get a razor handle, a sample of shave butter and your membership card, plus your monthly allotment of four blades and your monthly newsletter. someone literally hand-delivers a razor blade for every week of the month right to your doorstep. it's amazing — no more excuses and no more dull blades. the shave butter is tingly and refreshing, i think i will definitely be investing in the full size very soon, and the bathroom minutes are hilarious and great embodiment of what dollar shave club is all about: the art of being funny, stylish and sharp. watch this video to see what i am talking about:

from the quality to the convenience to the branding, dollar shave club has it all. i splurge and go for the roughly one dollar per week option ($6/mo) because i have become accustomed to a certain four-blade lifestyle over the years; and honestly, for that price, why not. but, there are other great razors, too, like the dollar per month option and the premium option. if dollar shave club sounds like something you could get into, join here! (also, if you use this link, i would really appreciate it. i can earn free razors, and you can generate your own link for friend referral when you create an account!)

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