Friday, June 6, 2014

national doughnut day

happy national doughnut day, guys! if you couldn't already tell, i am a big fan (exhibits A and B). sprinkles, seasonal shapes...i think doughnuts are definitely nature's happiest food, which makes them good and good for you, or at least good for the soul. also, according to the boston globe, this holiday was originally established to celebrate women.

"Legend has it that National Doughnut Day is the creation of the Chicago Salvation Army, which wished to salute the women who served doughnuts to Doughboys about to decamp to the battlefields of World War I."

another tick mark in the pro column for doughnuts, if you ask me. so go ahead and treat yourself today. it's friday, let's celebrate! and if you can't sneak away from your desk for a sweet treat, you can just enjoy some of this adorable eye candy below: 

check out more photos and image sources on here

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