Thursday, June 26, 2014

insta updates

let's talk iPhone apps! i've been on a sort of whirlwind jet set lately, first  a wedding, then vacation followed by a last-minute business trip. i've documenting most of my travels on instagram, and for a good solid while there i was all about the vsco cam. i like vsco and it's helped me learn a lot about photography, as well as produce some gorgeous photos, but it's also a little moody and serious, if you know what i mean. i missed the light-hearted, sun-drenched instagrams of yore. 

so, i decided to pull afterlight out of its little folder on my iPhone and it was love at second-use. it's been the perfect hybrid of filters and lighting to get the look i've been lusting after for my instagrams. i feel like i am hitting a stride, doing big things with my life, you know? anyways, they updated with light leaks, which are additional to the filters and create a sort of old school / california effect. sort of like you're always at the beach. now, i edit my photos in vsco for lighting / contrast / saturation then pop on over to afterlight to give it a nice glow. obviously good lighting is the best thing you can do for good photos, but a few digital effects never hurt either. see for yourself below and follow me on instagram here

the collage up top was made with the a beautiful mess app

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