Monday, June 9, 2014

gaia in greenville

this past weekend, i was walking back to my car, which was parked over on falls street, from the #yeahTHATinstameet. and lo and behold, there was a massive mural under construction on the side of the usa risk group building. it was only about half way done, but oh my god, was it beautiful. you can already tell it's meant to be greenville. apparently, the year of altruism is wrapping up their year of goodwill, memorializing the 75th anniversary of kristallnacht, with a lasting memorial for greenville. they commissioned gaia, a street artist from new york/baltimore, to lend his amazing talent to our city. if you haven't seen it already, check out the photos below. and, don't forget to attend the dedication on wednesday, june 12th, and see the finished product! 

you can learn more about the year of altruism here, more about the mural here, more about gaia here and follow him on instagram here. thanks so much to everyone involved for giving greenville this beautiful gift! :)

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