Monday, June 30, 2014

an evening in stone's point

on friday, andrea and i headed over to stone's point shopping center after work. if you haven't been there before, it's over off of wade hampton boulevard and is home to community tap, urban digs, dapper ink and (their newest addition) billiam jeans. we were actually there for a little fun at urban digs, and man, does amy know how to throw a party! thoroughfare food truck was in the parking lot with plenty of good eats, circa doughnut was on tap for dessert, vagabond barista was in attendance for some quality coffee, and free kittens vintage was in the house. and to cap it all off, spectrum jewelry was having a trunk show. can you get more greenville than that? maybe...but it would be really, really hard. read on for details!

first stop, fish tacos from thoroughfare. i got off late and was hungry enough to eat my hand. luckily, these tempura battered mahi mahi tacos with kale slaw and chipotle aioli were 1000x more tasty. (andrea got the cumin crusted, red pepper pork fried rice, but sadly i didn't get a very good photo of it. she says it was delicious though, so order it!) anyways, community tap let us come inside and enjoy their AC while we chowed down. (thanks again! you guys rock) have you checked out their new digs? very cool, literally and figuratively. look at that massive sliding barn door! be still my heart. and if that wasn't cool enough, they have the hippest little dining area and a patio to eat on, plus tons of great brews on tap. (i got the mama's little yella pils) i wish i could have taken some more photos of the new space, but after eating and chatting, we had to dash over to urban digs... so i guess i'll just have to go back :)

well, andrea and i made it to urban digs just in time. shannon only had two doughnuts left! so, we snatched those babies up, and i saved mine to enjoy the next morning. if you haven't had a circa doughnut yet, what are you waiting for? get your butt to the village market this weekend! also, have i mentioned how nice everyone in greenville is? only 50 times? well let me tell you once more: i've only met shannon, will and amy a few times, but everyone at the trunk show was just so sweet. it's people like them that make stepping out and about in greenville so pleasant. you never know where you'll make a friend. and amy's store is just the cutest: cacti everywhere, carefully curated coffee table books, and plenty of knickknacks thrown in for good measure. she also has the most delightful taste in jewelry and features several local artists in her shop. it's a little slice of heaven. i mean, just look at how she styled her nursery section! if you haven't checked out the shops at stone's point, i highly recommend it. it's a corner of greenville that everyone needs to check out. and thanks for the great party, guys!

i picked up that little cactus painting at the party too! it's by sidney brunson; i couldn't find an etsy store, but you can pick one up at urban digs. and the horseshoe is from juxtaposition at the village market last weekend.

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