Saturday, May 31, 2014

now in greenville: doughnuts

ladies and gentlemen, may i have your attention please: 
doughnuts have finally come to greenville! 

the doughnut draught is over and you can officially thank the sweet shannon mercado. shannon's whipping up some crazy good doughnuts every saturday for the foreseeable future and serving them at her circa doughnuts tent over at the village of west greenville farmer's market. just what the doctor ordered! i'm going to go out on a ledge here and say that these artisan doughnuts are the best thing to happen to greenville since sliced bread...and food trucks. they are that good, people. just imagine a warm, old fashioned cake doughnut with a sour cream glaze melting in your mouth. if you don't believe me, circa sold out in about two hours, so get there early next weekend! thank you shannon and congratulations! :) 

you can stay in the know about all thing circa doughnuts on twitter and instagram
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  1. I love Circa Doughnuts! First time I bought two, then a dozen they were so good!


    1. you can buy them by the dozen?! i had no idea! this is dangerous information :)

      by the way, i love your instagram. you have beautiful cutting boards!