Monday, April 14, 2014

weekend edition: brooklyn

it's been a while since i've had time to post, but luckily i can say that there have just been so many fun things going on that have kept me away from the computer :) 

some of you may know that i moved to new york when i was 18. it was okay, but me not so much. i ended up moving back to virginia, getting my shit together and living happily ever after. anyways, when i was really down and out in new york, my brother came to visit me, and it was one of the most meaningful things anyone has ever done for me. i hadn't been back to the city since i left, but i knew when my brother invited to me come up that it was finally time to go back.

family, food and fair weather, it was just what the doctor ordered after some long weeks of working. my brother and his girlfriend live in williamsburg and greenpoint, and they definitely know how to show a girl a good time. think long walks around the neighborhood, dog watching in the park and lots and lots of pinball, which is so, so addictive by the way. (i had no idea there was so much more to pinball than just slapping the flippers!) get the details below:

night & day 1:
late night dinner at jimmy's diner with tots and a boozy girl scout milkshake / r robots murals / donuts (cruller and red velvet) from peter pan / a trip to sunshine laundromat and pinball emporium / a big ol' polish smorgasbord for lunch  / rainy day reading and shopping / coffee at sweetleaf / brisket and beer at delaney barbecue / lots of pinball and drinks at jack bar

day 2:
walking around mc carren park / sushi, ramen and sake brunch at samurai mama's / pinball by day at jack bar / twenty-sided store / ear wax records / thrifting at beacon's closet / naps / a 27 oz steak dinner at the brooklyn star

day 3
breakfast at cafe habana (that's corn covered in mayo and cheese!!!) / trying on super fancy clothes at if / shopping in soho / lunch and all the cheese samples from gourmet grocery / lusting after all the yarn at purl soho / enjoying the first iced coffee of the summer from konditori / flying home

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