Wednesday, April 16, 2014

terrarium class at urban digs

last week, indie craft parade threw another amazing event. this time, it was a diy terrarium class at urban digs. (wine! tiny plants! crafting! what more could you ask for?!) i had never been there before, but oh my gosh, will i ever be back! it's right next door to community tap and dapper ink over on wade hampton boulevard, and it is so, so cute. they have home goods galore from furniture to tiny plants to books and knick knacks. plus, the owner, Amy Walchersis super nice, and she's actually the one who taught the class. she has a major green thumb and was kind enough to share her knowledge of what it takes to build the perfect terrarium with us. check out some tips and pictures below, and if you don't have a green thumb, go pick up one of her living master pieces over at urban digs!

1. charcoal, charcoal, charcoal! it's important to put this in between layer of rocks on the bottom and the layer of dirt because just like us, plants are living organisms that produce waste. the charcoal will help filter out all the gross stuff.

2. height: don't be afraid to layer your dirt or make a little hill. you can actually fit more plants this way or create something cool like a stair case.

3. shape: use plants with a variety of different heights (2 small; 1 tall ratio) to create interest. you don't want to use too many larger plants because remember, they'll grow!

4. color: don't be afraid to put a pop of color in there. a dash of pink, a pop of red? these colors will really stand out against the green.

5. texture: use plants that have different leaves, otherwise everything will sort of blur together. and don't forget that sticks add texture while also drawing the eye up the full length of the jar. stones add a smooth contrast and subtle detail.

6. light: use pea gravel to add something light and bright to your terrarium. it's cheap and easy, plus you probably have a bunch left over from filling the bottom of your vessel.

7. visit your favorite thrift stores to look for interesting pots and figurines to add some character to your next terrarium!

8. maintenance is minimal! you only need to water your terrarium when the soil turns a light brown. (it should always be moist, never soaking wet.) after you add water, leave the lid open for a day or two, if you have one. if not, place that bad boy in some indirect sunlight, and you're ready to go. also, trim as necessary-plants need hair cuts too.

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