Tuesday, April 29, 2014

friends from far away

last week, janine and justin b. made the long trek down to south carolina from virginia to visit us. and it rained again! seriously, this is their third time visitng, and it has actually rained every time. but we didn't let that dampen our fun. read on for tips on what to do with your guests on the cheap:

day 1
it rained all day, so we took this as a sign from god to go bowling. over on cleaveland, there is a divey little bowling alley where you can test your luck at the ten pins. afterwards, we went to quest for the first time! gosh, those guys are just the nicest. the owner took us on a brewery tour and answered all our silly questions, and the brewery is just the cutest (is bad to call a brewery cute?) little place: full of wood and cool artwork with a stage for performers. after that, we embarked on a long game of monopoly and watched some movies.

day 2
luckily, it cleared up for day two, so we went to the greenville zoo for the first time! (lots of firsts this weekend). we saw baby keiko the giraffe, who i guess is more of a teenager now, and the elephants, and the red pandas and all the animals. cuteness overload. then, justin and justin b.built me this picnic table with their bare hands as an early birthday present (!!!i am the luckiest girl) and then we grilled everything in the refrigerator and had a feast before game of thrones came on.

day 3
we headed to asheville and started out at jack of the wood, home to greenman brewery, where we played darts, gnoshed on fried pickles and blue cheese dip, and sipped some quality beers. afterward, we crossed the street to the thirsty monk for some killer sandwiches and pizza, along with some belgian brews, before heading over to the orange peel to dance the night away with local natives. i wish i had pictures of day four, but we mostly just went to work and crafted...actually, more on that later!

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  1. you forgot to mention that i beat everyone at bowling.