Wednesday, March 5, 2014

weekend edition part 2: asheville

okay, so last weekend was really, really fun, and i just had to write another post about it. you know how sometimes your mom will call you to catch up and you're like, "well, i've just been going to work and sitting on my butt watching house of cards while trying all the new ben and jerry's core flavors" and you can just hear her sighing for your wasted youth across the line? but then something happens and the air gets warmer and the days get longer and all of a sudden there a million reasons to leave your house. well, i think we've reached that turn in the bend of winter. spring is so close you can almost taste it, and adventure is in the air.

friday night, justin and i went to asheville, nc, for a show at the grey eagle. (technically, i guess this should have been weekend edition part 1, but i just couldn't wait to post about indie craft parade and the best craft party ever! sorry bout it, asheville, but greenville wins this round.) anyways, before hand,  we made a stop at farm burger after a recommendation from a friend. and oh my gosh, woah: SO. GOOD. let's maybe even stretch so far as to say good and good for you because it's 100% grass-fed beef and locally sourced ingredients, plus craft brews, which are good for the soul. justin got the no.6 with an egg, pepper jack and salsa verde, which was a nice twist on your usual barnyard burg. i actually had my first pork burger and got the pastured pig with brussels-apple slaw, candied jalapenos and white bbq sauce. 

there is some next-level burger stuff going on here, people, let me tell you. if i had to imagine a 'foodie' burger, this would be it. with such unique flavors, i was legit trying to mop up that bbq sauce off the paper with fries. and speaking of, i highly recommend getting the split basket because neither the onion rings nor the french fries are to be missed. plus, to top it all off, there is a bocce court INSIDE the restaurant. it's like a dream come true. anyways, after that, i figured t. hardy morris and robert ellis had their work cut out for them to keep me from going into a food coma, but those guys were great. definitely take in a show at the grey eagle, if you're ever in asheville. tickets were insanely cheap (like 8 bucks a pop, i think?) and since you are in the heart of cheer wine country, you can imbibe some of that sweet southern, nectar too.

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