Monday, March 24, 2014

weekend edition: indie craft parade iPhone photography class

justin went camping with a buddy this weekend, but i stayed in greenville to instagram in peace. just kidding...sort of. i actually went to indie craft parade's iPhone photography class, which was conducted by jivan dave. (follow him on instagram, it's amazing what he can capture with an iPhone!) the class was technically for product photography, but i figured if you're trying to make something look good enough to sell then those tips could probably be applicable to anything. and i was right! 

jivan gave us all sorts of useful tips. and in addition to being incredibly gifted behind the lens, he is a huge proponent of vsco cam. (wahoo! love me some vsco) i've been using this app for my instagrams for a while now, but jivan had all sorts of good advice and brand tid bits that i had no idea about. i will admit, that i was one of those people who tended to hide their photos behind the fade action, but after taking this class i feel confident that i can take a vibrant, beautiful photo even when i don't have my nikon handy. here's the short list of DOs and DONTs from the session:

1. don't over edit: be true to your colors
2. touch to focus
3. no flash!
4. window light at angle >>> overhead florescents / midday sun
5. don't mix warm and cool light, use one source
6. white is right when it comes to backgrounds
7. rule of thirds guarantees success
8. be consistent

 i learned so much (even how to to stage the perfect photo with nothing more than a tshirt, a picture frame and a lamp), and i really just cannot say enough wonderful things about indie craft parade, guys. they are the best! if you haven't already, check them out! they are one of the precious cultural jewels of greenville. check out some shots from the day, especially the awesome old sewing machines at oobe, and a few of other photos i reedited with my new-found skills below:

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